Privacy Policy

Hop Back online has been developed to be used and enjoyed by people over the age of 18. We fully respect the privacy of any individual entering or using this website. We are constantly monitoring and updating our security procedures so you can be sure that your information is safe.

Security of information
Any personal information we hold will be securely protected inline with not only internal security measures but also data protection guidelines. Our security measures are updated regularly to ensure your personal information is not accessible to anyone other than Hop Back Brewery.

Purchase terms & conditions
For our full purchase terms and conditions, including delivery information please visit our terms and conditions page .

Gathering of information
Information gathered by Hop Back Brewery is for the fulfilment of orders only. This information is not stored on databases or used for marketing or selling to other parties. Sensitive information such as credit card details is taken via our secure credit card transaction processing partner PROTX. Hop Back Brewery never gets informed of your credit card details – these are dealt with solely by SAGEPAY (formerly PROTX) who have the experience and expertise to deal with the processing securely and efficiently.

Who is SAGEPAY (formerly PROTX)?
SAGEPAY (formerly PROTX) are a secure third party credit card transaction company. In plain English this means they take your credit card details and process them via your bank in a secure manner. SAGEPAY (formerly PROTX) have many years experience in dealing with credit card transactions. By partnering with them we can assure you that you are getting the most secure online payment possible, protecting you from any fraud or misuse of your credit card details. All communication between the customer and SAGEPAY (formerly PROTX) is encrypted to the maximum strength supported by the customer’s browser using TLS or SSL (security).

All communication between Hop Back Brewery and SAGEPAY (formerly PROTX), including the details of the purchase are encapsulated using encrypted and digitally-signed protocol. Data storage on SAGEPAY (formerly PROTX) systems and the communication between SAGEPAY (formerly PROTX) and the worldwide banking networks is regularly audited by the banks themselves. There are no vulnerabilities or “backdoors” in any SAGEPAY (formerly PROTX) systems.

Hop Back on-line operate an opt-in strategy for email communication. Only those who ask to be added to our email list will receive email communications from us. This mailing list will be used solely by Hop Back Brewery plc and will not be sold or passed to any third party. All our email communication offers an “opt-out” feature that allows you to remove your email address from our files at any time. You can always re-enter it when you want to start receiving information from us.

This website uses “cookie” technology to obtain non-personal information from its visitors. The cookie tracks the total number of times you visit the site and can link you to any information we have already stored about you to personalise the experience. The cookies themselves do not contain any personal information, they simply contain a random ID number that is associated with your records. We do not gather any information from you using cookies. Any information we have already gathered will not be given or sold to third parties.

This web site contains “links” to other websites. We make every effort to only link to sites that share our high standards of privacy and service. Hop Back Brewery cannot be responsible for the content on any website we link to.

If you have any questions about Hop Back beers or products, online privacy policies or procedures, please contact us by writing to:

Hop Back Brewery, Unit 22 – 24, Downton Business Centre, Downton, Wiltshire. SP5 3HU