Downton Real Ale

Downton Real Ale

Downton Brewery is the home of Chimera Beers including Quadhop, Dark Delight, Honey Blonde and Chimera IPA. In addition to our regular ales we also brew seasonal and monthly specials.








Downton New Forest - ABV 3.8%

A bronze coloured best bitter. A combination of roasted malts and rich, aromatic hops provide a well rounded flavour and a distinctive hoppy bitterness. ... view products ->

Downton Quadhop - ABV3.9%

This remains our most popular session bitter. Pale in colour with four varieties of hops. (Challenger, East Kent Goldings, Pioneer, and Styrian Goldings) provide a full range of floral and citrus aromas, and a moreish bitterness that drinks superbly down the glass. ... view products ->

Downton Elderquad - ABV 4.0%

A pale generously hopped session beer. Hints of sweetness, and a subtle elderflower aroma, provide a terrific balance to the hops. A real thirstquencher! ... view products ->

Downton Honey Blonde - ABV 4.3%

Brewed by Downton Brewing Company. A golden straw coloured bitter. Spicy and floral hops are blended with flaked maize and Mexican honey in this award winning offering.

Honey Blond has an ABV of 4.3%

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Downton Dark Delight - ABV 6.0%

Brewed by Downton Brewing Company. A complex dark ale combining subtle coffee and chocolate flavours with a rich, hoppy aroma. Pioneer, Challenger and East Kent Golding hops provide the perfect balance for this hugely popular old ale.

Now available in bottles with a new ABV of 5.5%

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Downton Chimera IPA - ABV 7%

Brewed by Downton Brewing Company. A traditional India Pal Ale, brewed with an increased hop rate to balance out the strength. Intense floral aromas and a powerful bitterness allow the I.P.A to be deceptively drinkable.

Chimera IP has a new ABV of 7.0%

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Downton Chimera Mixed Bottles

4 x IPA - (ABV 7%) 4 x Dark Delight - (ABV 6%) 4 x Honey Blonde - (ABV 4.3%) Each bottle contains 500ml ... view products ->

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